About Shawn

About Shawn

Hey Friends,

My name is Shawn and here is a little bit about me:

First and Foremost I am a Christian! As in a hardcore, passionate, lover of Jesus. I am also a Husband, Father of Five, Insurance Agent, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Podcaster, Avid Reader, Business Networker, BNI Chapter President, Theology Nerd, American History Buff, Homeschool Parent, Nerf Gun Assassin, Conspiracy Theorist, Political and Social Commentator, Pro Wrestling Enthusiast, Lover of Sweet Tea (especially Chick-Fli-A), Mountain Dew, Museums, the beach, The Rocky Mountains, and all things Louisiana.

I spend my time with my family, reading, studying theology and politics, and working in my yard.

I love meeting new people, public speaking, watching movies with my wife, and eating pizza with my family every Friday Night (Wilson Movie Night)


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I also write at the following locations:

Shawn the Insurance Guy

Thanks for stopping by!

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