3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

Let me begin by being 100% transparent:

I DID NOT vote for President Trump in the 2016 election. I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either, but I wanted to make that clear from the onset so I am not accused of being just a Trump lackey. To be completely honest, the reason I didn’t vote for President Trump in 2016 was because I didn’t trust him. His views on important issues like abortion, domestic spying, war, power, etc. were not in line with my personal views, my Christian worldview, or what I believe the Constitution spells out for those who hold the office of President.

However, I was committed to giving Trump a chance when it He officially became the 45th President of the United States. I am of the opinion that candidates make a lot of promises, but often don’t know the realities of life in office until that office is taken. As I had for President Obama (and would have done for Hillary Clinton), I was willing to give Trump a chance to prove me wrong. To prove he wasn’t another puppet politician who promises the world, and ends up being controlled by the bankers, big business, and Federal Reserve Policy.

Trump has proved me wrong.

I am proud of what I see President Trump doing and accomplishing on behalf of the American people. Not just his party base, but for the entire country, whether some people see it that way or not. With that said, I wanted to share some of the ways President Trump is winning me over to his Make America Great Again agenda.

I am not saying that I think Trump has done, or will do everything right. He is a human and like all of us prone to mistakes, but I believe that Trump has been proven to be a “People’s President.” Much like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. So, here are the 3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over.

3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

1.) He has surrounded himself with Godly leadership and advisors.

3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

President Trump has done something no President has done in my lifetime. He has sought the wisdom and council of many spiritual leaders, including those who openly spoke out against him and disagreed with his nomination. Trump hasn’t just given lip service to the Christians in America, he is actively seeking their wisdom, insight, and counsel.  That my friends is YUGE!! While I am not going to get into the Christian Heritage of America in this post (I am saving it for a later post), this point cannot be overstated enough.

Donald Trump is actively seeking the wisdom and advice of such godly men and women like:

  • James Dobson
  • James MacDonald
  • Jerry Falwell Jr.
  • Richard Land
  • Mark Burns
  • James Robison
  • Robert Jeffress
  • David Jeremiah
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Robert Morris
  • Jentezen Franklin

and several others.

That my friends is amazing. I am not aware of any President in my lifetime, that has sought the counsel of, and continually listened to the counsel of America’s most respected Christian leaders. Sure other President’s have given Christians lip service, met with Billy Graham (that’s kind of a given), and touted their “devotion.”

But none have done so like President Trump has done. That is a good sign.

2.) He has kept his word.

3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

President Trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do…….drain the cesspool that is Washington D.C., work toward helping America believe in itself again (MAGA), bring jobs back, etc. etc. etc. and guess what……..he’s doing it. I cannot find one thing that Trump has reneged on, that he promised on the campaign trail.

He’s a no-nonsense leader and is willing to piss the establishment off, whether they are Republican or Democrat.  That my friends is a good thing.  For too long we have had leadership in Washington that speak one way on the campaign trail and the lead up to elections, and then go do the exact opposite. Trump doesn’t put up with that mess.

President Trump hasn’t been afraid to get his hands dirty and find out the real heart of what the American people are thinking and feeling. President Obama played like he was a people’s President, but when it came down to it, he was just another establishment shill willing to throw the people under the bus for power.

Not Trump.

Trump has nothing to lose here.

You can see his love for America in his desire to make America work for all people (yeah, even people who aren’t white, no matter what the media says). Trump has reached out to minority groups to find out how his policies can help their communities, the only problem here is that the media isn’t reporting that. It doesn’t fit their narrative that Trump is a racist, and America is a slavery hell-hole. Think about that for a moment. Why keep that from the people?

Why isn’t the media talking about the fact that black unemployment is not only at an all time low, but at it’s lowest it’s EVER BEEN IN AMERICAN HISTORY!! 

Trump is keeping his word to the people, NOT the establishment.

3.) Trump is energizing a resurgence of belief in America’s fundamental ideals 

3 Ways President Donald Trump Is Winning Me Over

No matter what people might say, the Trump Presidency is causing more and more people to talk about, look into, and figure out what the Founding ideals were that “made America great.” That is GOOD NEWS!! More people are reading the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and other founding documents than at any other time in my lifetime. It is as if a resurgence is taking place in figuring out what the Founding Father’s actually and truly believed, what they said, and how they established our great nation.

I love that!!

I attribute a great deal of that to the Presidential campaigns of Ron Paul, but when it comes down to it, President Trump is causing us as a people, and a nation, to return to our roots. We are looking to the ancient paths that our forefathers establish as the ways of truth. That is a good thing, and that will lead to a revival of the TRUE heart of Americanism……..freedom and liberty.


When it comes down to it, President Donald Trump is winning me over. I am not saying I agree with everything he says or does, but I believe he is a man who truly does love America, the American people, and the principles, values, and ideals that made America the greatest nation in world history.

Sure, he is a flawed man.

So am I.

We all have skeletons in our closets, but what I was willing to do when he won the election was give him a chance, and I can say honestly, that is the election of 2020 was today. Donald Trump would have my vote.

Until next time.

Much love,


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